Weird, Diet Food But People Assume The Contrary

Diet Food – Possibly, you are one of those who have a wrong assumption toward diet food. Some of them consider that several foods are not good for diet. In fact, they are totally wrong.

Therefore, it would be better for you and anyone else to hear the explanation from the medical experts. Unfortunately, many people only know the explanation for the other people who are not qualified, actually. They don’t have education background from medical school but they are brave enough to say about medical knowledge.

From now on, you will understand that the following is type of diet foods, not the contrary.


You might be so surprised when egg is included ad healthy food for diet. It has been so long time in which people consider it as the cause of over weight problem. In fact, it is untrue.

According to medical research, eggs don’t contain bad fat which make you have weight. Even, it is the contrary. By eating eggs, you can lose your weight due to protein contained in the eggs. Indeed, there is a fat there. However, it is so low. In addition, it is not bad fat, but good fat. It is called good fat since this fat is used to make the body warm especially during winter. In addition, this fat is also useful to boost energy since it can be converted into calories.

Chicken Breast

There is someone who runs diet program radically. It is said radical because he or she decides not to eat meat, especially chicken breast. They only consume diet food like fruits and vegetables.

In fact, chicken breast should be the best and the most recommended food for diet. Do you know why? It has the same reason like eggs. Both contains high protein. And according to medical experts, food containing high protein is good for diet. It has to be included in weight-loss program.


Do you like nut but you have to force yourself not to eat nut anymore because of diet program? Now, you don’t have to be afraid of eating nuts. Even, it would be better if you make it as your snack every day. Do you know why? Because nuts are able to improve metabolic health. Therefore, indirectly, it can lose your weight if you have that problem.

Now, you have already understood that information. It is time for you to share this information in order that there are not so many people who have wrong judgment or assumption about diet food.

City Fitness Tips To Make You Get The Goal and Avoid Injuries

City Fitness – Do you really have your heart set on doing workouts? If you do, possibly you can spare your little time to read these city fitness tips. Of course, you have set the goal when you finally decide going to gym or joining fitness club. It doesn’t matter what goal you have like losing belly fat, having proportional body posture, boosting the energy, staying healthy, and many others.

Specs Indonesia – The matter is if there is a barrier. What is that? It is when you get injured.
It is not impossible for you to get injured when you are working out. Even, it happens to many people. Frequently, those people don’t pay attention to the fitness fit. They only think about how they get the goal that they have made as soon as possible.

This fitness tips seem to be trivial. However, do you think it is trivial when you get injured then you cannot walk for several days? Therefore, like what has been explained before spare your time to read these following tips.

1. Know Your Limit
The first thing that you have to do is asking yourself what you can do and what you cannot do. By answering that question, you are able to see your limitation.

Nobody is similar. Everyone has a limit. For instance, if you have knee problem, of course you don’t have to do running on a treadmill for so long time. It would be better if you try a stationary bike.

2. Difference Between Fitness For Woman and Man
Possibly, there is a couple who want to have a good shape. However, their exercise must be different. For man, he can do workout with rigid plane of motion, for instance push-ups and weight lifting. Meanwhile, woman cannot do those exercises. She can do exercise with multiple plane of motion like cycling and stair stepper. All in all, there is specific physiologic issue for each of them. That makes different between exercise for man and woman.

3. Exercise Should Fit To Your Age
Another crucial problem is that how old you are. It will not be a serious problem when you are still young. It seems that you can try any kind of exercise. It is different for those who have been 40 or 50 years old. Exercise like cycling and treadmill could be the best ones.

In short, fitness can make you get what you want with one condition. You have to do seriously and avoid injuries. Possibly, it is better for you to hire professional instructor in city fitness.